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Standard credit card sized, low cost badge, with electronic data storage

Credit card size allows it to be mailed with . . .“please put with your credit cards for safe keeping”

Large character personalisation enables hosts and other delegates to easily read the badge details

Our universal, no damage, clothing clip allows the badge to be quickly removed for session entry

The combination of high quality, low cost, and flexibility of use, makes the badge great value
Visual & electronic information, printed on the face & encoded in the magstripe

Keeping the front clear for delegate & event related information ensures maximum visual impact

The logo & personalisation are printed in one colour, in one pass; high quality, low cost, no waste

Magstripes are encoded with session & day codes; lunches & hotels; even pre-paid show guides

It can also store name, job title, organisation, address, email, telephone, day & session codes
Sponsorship of the reverse of the badge; funding an even higher quality badge

We carry a stock of blank metallic ‘budget’ badges in 10 or more colours for categorising groups

Sponsored images MUST always be on the back of the badge to maintain function & avoid conflict

The area on the back is big enough for useful information, from venue map to programme details

Upgrading from a budget to a bespoke badge is not costly & should enable sponsorship income
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Posting the badge, direct to the delegate, has some great advantages

A very positive way to ‘sell’ the efficiency of the registration process and overall organisation

When mailed to arrive 5-7 days before the event, a neatly branded reminder of the event

With careful thought, useful information like venue name & times, can be printed on the badge

Further useful information, like directions may be printed on the reverse with sponsored funds
Collecting the badge is very efficient where office addresses are not known

Using email to remind delegates where and when the event is can also stimulate attendance

Quite a lot of desk space is required to make sure that the location and handout process is quick

Laying out badges in alphabetical name order and having matching signage speeds up the process

Pre collecting and sorting ALL categories of badges, except (perhaps) speakers is highly efficient.
In special cases, you can choose to find and print the delegate badge on demand

This is normally confined to events where there a few hundred delegates, maybe 100 to 400

Using the pre-registered records can be very quick but requires a more staff and equipment

The system is sometimes used with a ‘confirmation’ mailer card that is used to recall the record

This process may be adopted when host staff visually vet delegates for extra security or grouping
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Planning the sessions, day codes & code letters for the magstripe encoding

Working with clients to keep the session coding simple & linking to display boards helps users

The day codes control entry when event package is paid (e.g. medical event) but can be FOC

At some events, where there is a DAY rate, some sessions can be chargeable (e.g. workshops)

The magstripe readers have a ‘positive read’ display that operators check before allowing entry
How the WORDS Magstripe Readers can be set-up for monitoring attendance

The most basic setting records anyone entering the room by checking display for ‘good badge’

When delegates pre-register a preference, entrants are warned if they are at the ‘wrong’ room

Fire officers in hotels are very strict on seating capacities; the system can be set to control this

Pre-paid bookings are encoded in the magstripe to ensure that only ‘paid’ delegates can enter

CPD ‘validated points’ tallied & directly linked to post event survey & CPD Certificate

To ensure (medical) professionals are ‘up to date’, session recording MUST be 100% accurate

The positive nature of the WORDS swipe system ensures there are no ‘post event’ arguments

To ensure accurate delegate ‘post event’ surveys, CPD certificates are emailed on completion

This usually means that nearly all delegates respond with better coverage of the good & bad
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Careful data analysis enables standardisation of structures in ONE database

30 years experience in building viable marketing & event databases from multiple sources

Many clients have basic label style data formats which simply allows a magazine to ‘hit’ a desk

To make the database useful, the data has to be put into a common structure for manipulation

In many cases there are no max field lengths, address field limits or consistently named fields
How the data is prepared for use in the promotion and running of the events

Care and planning are key to an efficient process, so all the data has to be carefully analysed

We look for common factors & ‘hopefuls’ like title, first name, family name, post code, email

We move data into new fields, combine multiple address fields & edit job titles in one structure

Finally, we run matching processes to de-dupe the data & carry out/check CAPS conversions
What does the above process enable us to do better when managing events?

We create a master mailing/membership/event database that stores event & non event codes

Linked to this master database are the separate event databases that store event info/codes

The operator enters a name in the event database, the system looks for it in the ‘mailing’ file

Thus just ONE record for that person & their event(s) performance can be used efficiently
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Using data from previous events & other related factors for pre-event marketing

We look at previous attendance, search for patterns that relate to the venue & tailor emails

One may see ‘frequency of attendance’ variations that justify a better targeted email message

With general events, we look at Job Titles that match previous performance & use in selections

By selecting specific or combined characteristics, we write emails that are relevant to recipients
Using the data and high quality data checking processes to maximize efficiency

Your WORDS event database is not ‘live’ but we load name & address data onto registration site

We then incorporate a unique number in the emails to make registering efficient for delegates

Uniquely (leading to accurate event data), we visually check, match & edit all web registrations

We try to match new data with existing records, edit/update them, which is vital for badge data
Running pilot promotional direct mail or emails can be about ‘less is more’

Intelligent use of NEW event data can help identify prospect response makes best use of funds

On checking previous performance, running low volume pilot emails can test response trends

To avoid email ‘fatigue’, care in planning the best use of the factual content in messages is vital

Matching selected records with a key message makes best use of the data to boost attendance
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Treating some of the attendee data facts more carefully helps efficiency & cost

On-site registration of badge holders & walk-ups should be monitored for hourly traffic flow

Fairly accurate time/attendance numbers for visitors enough to enable future staff planning

Equipment costs are fixed but balancing staff for peak/low times gives better service & value

Generally figures will be on computer but, for simple ticketing, hourly batch bags work well
What sort of data can affect the nature of the overall marketing & event content

The thinking process is often the poor relation for data selections, necessary for correct answers

Not thinking about who is & isn’t included, in relations to selections, can result in faulty answers

It is vital that the AIM is clear & both technical & marketing staff should mentally test selections

Without this checking process, the marketing decisions can take budgets & events ‘off course’
Data from the web system & venue MUST be supported by individual’s opinions

Figures are just that & do not show a complete picture without an on-site or post event survey

In the case of CPD, surveys can be mandatory before issuing CPDs, ensuring up to 100% replies

The alternative offering incentives to complete surveys can mean only freebie hunters comply

Whatever the approach, surveys must be easy to use & designed to produce accurate results
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The STANDARD handheld data capture and lead retrieval system for Exhibitors

The STANDARD system captures contact data held in the magstripe, stores and prints it

This will typically be title, name, job title, organisation, address, telephone and email address

As the badge is swiped, the data is printed & can be torn off & attached to an enquiry form

In 3-5 seconds the contact data is printed & maximum, hassle free, time is spent with prospects
The UNIQUE handheld systems from WORDS – protecting the data from loss

Whatever the configuration the handhelds are set-up so that security of the data is assured

The data is stored in the handheld memory, on an SD card and is printed on swiping the badge

Assuming the battery is kept charged (system last 4-5 active hours) the data is loss protected

If the system suffers mortal physical damage, on receipt of the printouts, we will be re-instate
DELUXE handheld data capture/lead retrieval systems TAILORED for Exhibitors

The DELUXE system captures can be TAILORED to suit the individual exhibitor requirements

There are set-up screens to add stand staff names, products and services plus sales quantifiers

Quantifiers might include ‘urgent’, ‘£3-5K budget’, ‘project starts in 3 months’, ‘time waster’ etc

On swiping, the user selects their name, products of interest, quantifiers, adds a mobile & prints
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Registration site uses your web colours & is accessed via a button on your site

We plan the design with YOU to ensure that costs are kept low & all booking options are covered

This is vital with payment sites when there are often related charges involving a lot of testing

Your event database is normally loaded for ease of use & records are updated as downloaded

Full demographics, multiple days & sessions with booking & payment confirmations emailed
How good data is captured but with the minimum of hassle to web users?

It is crucial that the user can see the data entry route and is encouraged to complete accurately

Perfect EMAIL data is vital; users complete in a GIANT font & are forced to confirm it is correct

Where Country HQ GROUPS are booked, people can be linked to ‘new’ regional or local addresses

HIGH quality data is encouraged by VISUALLY stressing the use of data on THEIR event badge
Clarity of charges, pre-payment summaries and the ability to get telephone help

The order detail & payment is displayed to the user who is passed to secure processing site

To reduce non payments, users with problems can ring us ‘off the page’ (9-5 M/F) & we process

Every individual payment is checked by WORDS to ensure it matches the event database sales

The funds go direct to your own WORDS bank account and are paid every 14 days, less charges
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This site enables Scientific Organisations to have all the Abstracts web managed

This enables the presenting author to enter their details, along with co-authors for submissions

They enter the Abstract Title, the ‘question’ surrounding their specific research & its relevance

They state (purpose) the goals of the project or the question the study was intended to answer

They describe the experimental methods employed & report on the resulting data & their analysis
This web based system enables delegates to manage dinner seating themselves

We set-up a web & email system that allows a host delegate to arrange others to join a table

The normal problems of duplicate bookings and delegates booking onto other’s tables is avoided

A unique numbering system ensures that the HOST has to contact each delegate before booking

The final part of the jigsaw involves us building the master seating lists and printing at the venue
The JUDGING site enables those scoring papers to process them at any time

The judges can stop and start the process whenever they have time, without physical papers

They can see all the information loaded by the authors & even review previously marked papers

They can record scores for each paper from quality of the original question to the final analysis

The bonus for the Organiser is that there is NO paper to move about & all results are downloaded
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A self contained web service for exhibitors to invite and pay for buyers

This system enables exhibitors to electronically invite buyers/guests & manage the whole process

The organiser may allocate FREE invitations to exhibitors or make everyone pay for guest buyers

It’s beautifully simple, name & email address is all that is required to send ‘instant’ invitations

Each exhibitor can monitor invitations, see who has responded (registered) or not & even redirect
We manage the issue of personalised (electronic) badges BEFORE the event

Organisers can set limits per stand & allow for the purchase of extras: badge may ‘include’ lunch

We create and MANAGE the tailored website, chasing exhibitors to minimize any on-site service

A full service can be provided at the event for personalising and issuing badges, charged or free

If lunch is included badges can be recorded as lunches are taken, electronically or manually
This web based system is tailored to the processes of the exhibition organiser

There can be a lot of work in setting up the original system, so it is ideally for a series of events

The system enables exhibitors to register multiple stand preferences as stands are released

A system of first come, first served can be managed by us and stands are allocated with deposits

All exhibitor replies, invoicing and appropriate reports for financial management are managed
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Messaging allows Delegates/Exhibitors/Organisers to leave/receive messages

Delegates & Exhibitors simply swipe their badge to collect, write messages to each and/or reply

Many people who may ‘know’ other professionals via email ONLY are now able to contact on-site

Exhibitors can look for contacts on the database to leave messages/check for delegate response

Sponsor branded terminals at registration, exhibition & coffee areas display who has messages
Practical & easy to use, reading contact data off the badge and printing 18 labels

Everyone with an electronic badge can ‘now’ benefit, irrespective of any lead retrieval systems

Normally sited as pairs, which can be on an exhibitor stand or information desk; no staff required

The badge is swiped and the magstripe is read & a laser prints 18 name/address/tel/email labels

Sponsor details are printed at top & bottom of each A4 sheet as sets of labels are personalisation
The BEST sponsorship uses the back of the badge to provide event information

Unlike paper card badges, people are reluctant to dispose of the badge so it has a post event ‘life’

Maximizing use of the large area on the back allows full sponsor details & useful event information

Assuming badges are mailed, the sponsored message is ‘sold’ to the recipient in the letter

Sponsors are associated with the ‘efficiency’ of the electronic badge before, during & post event