WORDS History and the Resultant UNIQUE Pedigree in the Event Industry

Words Bureau Systems was established in February 1981 by Jim Graham to offer the very highest quality data, word and accounts processing services, employing the finest equipment and software and coupling these new technologies with a full design, print and marketing service. Using metal wheeled, proportional spaced printing (sounds strange now but it was revolutionary then), we developed our own direct mail service for use by clients.

Crucially, we had started designing a system for producing paper and paper card BADGES with LARGE, easy to read characters for use at exhibitions and conferences. We developed portable and networked database management badging systems and, in 1986, introduced plastic card badges with encoded magstripes (first used at the NEW Business Design Centre, Islington for their Showroom tenants and third party exhibitions).

In addition, we developed a hugely flexible Event Management Software package for conference & membership organisations and were sold to a variety of clients including the RIBA, Royal Medical Colleges and the Home Office (all running a mix of training courses and conferences). In the bureau, the ability to encode the magstripe with full name and address, telephone and other contact details, along with session, room access and paid status, enabled us to both track and control people movement at events, using just ONE badge for multi day events.

To improve the experience for visitors and exhibitors at HUGE venues like Earls Court, we developed a unique Messaging System activated by our unique badge for two way exhibitor, visitor and organiser contact . . . any messages being displayed as the badge was swiped (initially designed for use at World Travel Events).

In addition, to make LARGE CLUB lounges extra special, we designed an ‘in / out’ Room Control System, so that VIPs/Organisers could see who was in the room, along with being able to control a limit to meet fire regulations.

From the late 1980s to date we have managed the Registration, Electronic Badging and Tracking Processes for most of the main computer manufacturers and distributors (knowingly holding competitors’ data!), including HP, Compaq, IBM, Microsoft & Sun. In addition, we have worked directly with clients, or as part of a team, with some of the worlds’ top production companies, at special car events for many motor manufacturers including Ford, GM, Mercedes, Jaguar, Porsche, Toyota, Hyundai.

We have also worked with specialist financial organisations, specialist software and mainstream publishing companies from Helsinki to New York, including motorsport exhibitions and several outdoor farming events.

This experience designing unique systems for the event industry ensures that we can help YOU succeed.


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