Association Events

Words have run many major annual events for Associations, Royal Colleges and Societies. We can operate as an extension of your office by handling all the delegate registrations, queries, hotlines, invoicing and badging/ticketing.

Alongside on-site and post-event services such as the accurate recording of event CPD, attendance management and tracking, exhibitor badging and data capture, post-event surveys and CPD certificates.

This enables your staff to handle the other aspects of the event without the distraction of the day to day registration processes and we can help with marketing the event which is often the organisation's main revenue earner.

All backed up by over 30 years experience in the events industry with hundreds of successful events and happy clients and more importantly hundreds of thousands of satisfied delegates.

  • Event specific dedicated website complete with individual/group booking and payment capabilities with multiple registration categories and different levels of fees related to either registration category or date (early bird, late, on-site). The ability to control specific free of charge days for specific categories such as VIP's, speakers and staff.

  • Incorporate membership or previous attendance files into the on-line registration process. This enables us to auto-load personalised records meaning that the delegate does not have to enter all of their personal and address information. This can be done by clicking on a personalised email link, entering a specific hard copy or emailed reference or by entering a small amount of information such as membership number, surname and initial. Records can be automatically linked to charging rates via their registration category.

  • Match incoming regsitrations with existing records in your membership file or database so that a single record is updated with event history and attendance.

  • Set-up dedicated bank and merchant accounts for the processing of internet and over the phone card payments and refunds. This ensures all financial transactions and processing are completely transparent. Supported by full financial or audit trail reports post-event.

  • Automated invoice via email direct to the delegate along with the confirmation of their booking.

  • Personalised email or postal badge/ticket confirmation with any relevant literature.

  • On-line reports so you can see 24/7 how many delegates have registered for the event, this can be separated into categories and shows numbers of days booked, lecture bookings and indicators of attendance for special and social events.

  • Registration hotline to handle any delegate queries before and after the event, deal with and resolve any problem payments, group bookings, membership status or registration category queries, CPD enquiries, etc.

  • Work with you to create, manage and send personalised emails for the marketing process to promote the event, provide extra information, reminders for early bird rates, etc, these can also be tracked for open and click-through rates.

  • Create, manage and send personalised marketing SMS text messages to further promote the event.

  • Allow delegates to book online during the event to keep on-site registration and staffing levels (and thus cost) to a minimum.

  • Supply all staff and equipment for all on-site registration and payments (PDQ machines), handle all delegate queries, bag handout, etc.

  • Supply handheld room swipe systems tailored to record and check the delegate data for correct days, sessions, special paid sessions. We can also supply the key staff for managing the room entry swipes for the recording of CPD. Optional Messaging and Business Card systems are also available.

  • Process all room swipes and lecture data to create master files which are then used to tag delegate records with individual sessions attended so that we can create CPD certificates.

  • Set-up and manage the post-event web survey and supply the results. Link the post-event survey to CPD so as delegates complete the survey they are then able to access their CPD certificate on-line and print or save as required.

  • We are also able to help if you have an exhibition running alongside your event by providing stand booking services, exhibitor badges and exhibitor handheld Data Capture Systems which can be tailored to individual exhibitors.