Case Studies

Association Event
A medical association hosts a large annual conference with delegates having the choice of visiting on multiple days. The majority will typically be members plus some non-members, who will pay different fees depending on their membership status. All attendees be they delegates or speakers or other categories can pre-register and/or register on-site. The event will usually have a plenary session followed by numerous individual or parallel sessions over one or more days, which may or may not be pre-booked but can be supplement by extra charge for special ‘hands on’ type, technical sessions, all controlled by the encoded badge.

The event badge is typically sent out with any accompanying event literature to arrive the week before the event, the badge can be safely stored in a wllet or purse so will not be forgotten and guarantees instant registration at the event.

Due to the medical competence nature of the event it is vital that delegate movements are tracked and recorded accurately, so that a complete CPD picture can be built up for the event. On-line, post-event CPD certificates are normally electronically provided after completion of a web based post-event survey.

The event is marketed via emails created by WORDS using the client’s content to the membership, plus any other previous attendees and targeted groups.

Exhibition stands are automatically booked via an exhibitor portal on a WORDS website, along with automated exhibitor lunches/badges, either as part of the exhibitor’s allocation, or as extras purchased via the website. Exhibitors can also order handheld Exhibitor Data Capture Systems so they they can take enquiries direct on their stand with a Special system, with the set-up unique to their company, or a Standard sytem which stores and prints the delegates data.

Typical event numbers are 250 - 2,000 delegates, with up to 500 exhibitors, 200 speakers, 50 exhibition stands and 70 - 80 sessions over 3/4 days for the larger events.

Corporate Event
Corporate event for staff, customers or suppliers. We would typically work direct with corporate or with their production company for the event. Badges can either be sent out or more typically collected on-site, either pre-printed and stored in badge racks for quick hand out or printed on demand upon arrival.

Any plenary, breakout or sponsored sessions can be tracked via the encoded badge and data supplied to sponsors for their sessions as requested.

If their is an associated exhibition we can produce the exhibitor badges and supply handheld Exhibitor Data Capture Systems so they they can take enquiries direct on their stand with a Special system, with the set-up unique to their company, or a Standard sytem which stores and prints the visitors data.

Large Outdoor Event
Corporate or Association hosts an outdoor event, operating as either paid or free admission. Different types of tickets can be used Visitor, Staff and Guests. Words portal on your web-site allows previous visitors to call up their personal details direct from a marketing email or postal mailing to purchase an e-ticket which can be printed off to be handed in at the gate.

Words also handle all exhibitor Staff and Guest ticket allocation, car park passes and any additionally purchased tickets and send out before the event.

We can supply gate staff to handle pre-regsitered and on-site ticket collection at the entrance and also provide staff for registering and taking payments for any on-site ticket sales.

Event Badges
An event organiser has an emergency and requires badges in a number of different colours but only has avery short amoiunt of time before the event. Words run the logo in a single colour and print at the same time as the personalisation, different categories of badges for speakers, delegates, organisers, etc can then be printed onto one of 18 different colours badges we keep as stock items. Badges are despatched the same or next day complete with no damage clothing clips.

Alternatively we can print badges with any design using a variety of finishes depeneing on your timescale and budget. We usually print main batch of cards and then any follow up smaller batches closer to the event if the badges are being sent out.

Words can also supply full on-site badge printing facilities with badges being as quick as 10-15 seconds to print once the button has been pushed!

Corporate Photo Badges
An association or corporate organisation runs a membership scheme which uses plastic photo cards as means of identification.

Words design the cards to incorporate security features such as a bespoke hologram complete with space for personalisation and printing the photograph.

One large complete run for the year is produced at renewal time and then weekly batches of cards are produced as new members join or memberships are renewed throughout the year