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Badges / ID Cards - We can provide single colour ‘Budget Badges’ on up to 18 different standard coloured backgrounds, many with metallic finishes. We can also produce screen, digital or litho printed, single or multi colour cards, with any design. We can include photos for ID cards using image files/photographs and add security features, including signature strips and holograms. We can also encode the magstripes with delegate data to be read by our on-site systems.

Database - We can build your event database from multiple sources into a standard structure, de-dupe the data and create one single record per person that holds all the relevant event information.

Event Marketing - We can complement your existing services or provide new marketing services that you do not have. We can create event specific websites or design a site that seamlessly complements yours but where we manage the whole process, including payment and banking. We can create and send emails and SMS text messages to your ‘audience’ and, by analysing the data, target people using previous attendance, non attendance, special categories and other, performance related factors with different messages to improve event numbers.

Event Registration - We can provide all aspects of the registration service for your event, whether it is a small conference for 200 people or a large event for 30,000 . . helping you by, effectively, becoming an extension of your office. This might include Web registration (with telephone support), secure payments, banking/database matching, telephone hotlines and gala dinner table booking.

Abstract Management - We complement the above services by setting up and managing an on-line Abstract Submission and Judging programme that removes most manual work, enabling your team to manage the process more efficiently.

On-Site Services- We can provide a comprehensive VENUE Registration service with proven computer systems and experienced head office and temporary staff. Included are badging and magstripe systems for recording general attendance and handheld systems that can control entry to paid/free seminars, restricted access or seating sessions, all with 'live' back-up of every swipe. We can also supply complementary services such as Business Card and Messaging Systems, using data encoded on the Words badges.

CPD / Post-Event Surveys - We can record every session that delegates attend and link this with CPD ‘time points’ allocated to individual sessions, for near 100% accuracy; so important for medical events. The encoded badge also enables DAY attendance to be monitored stopping inappropriate re-use during the event. We normally email/web manage the CPD certificate issue within 7-10 days of the event and tie it to the completion of the post-event survey sessions, ensuring that 85-90% of delegates will respond, giving you accurate feedback.

Exhibitions - If you have any type of exhibition running alongside your event, we can also help with this, supplying badging and on-line stand booking websites with payment and invoicing. We also supply unique handheld data capture systems allowing stand personnel to record and quantify enquiries.